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triple-milled soaps on top of a luxurious white marble countertop.

Product Values

Maple & Lather products are made with clean ingredients that are sustainability sourced, and cruelty-free. Our soaps use responsibly sourced palm oil, natural ingredients like shea butter and are infused with real plants like mint leaves, lemon verbena and lavender extract. Our long-burning candles use clean burning 100% soy wax. Our soaps and candles are delicately fragranced and use recyclable packaging to ensure we are staying true to our product values.

Premium Quality & Convenience

Maple & Lather’s online store and convenient subscription offerings deliver unparalleled product quality and convenience to your doorstep. Every ingredient, packaging decision, and product choice has been carefully considered with the end consumer and environment in mind. Our subscription offerings ensure that you get the products you want on a schedule of your choice.

I am so happy to have discovered these wonderful soaps. These bars hold their form and never go mushy. The packaging is gorgeous so it would make a beautiful gift as well.

Petra Synnerdahl

These soaps are fantastic. I have been using the lavender one and it has exceeded my expectations. It smells great, without being overpowering, and I like how the real lavender in the soap helps with exfoliation.

Elizabeth Goldspink

Love my Alpine Cedar candle so much - beautiful packaging and design and really high quality... I appreciate that the Maple & Lather products are cruelty free and that proper candle burning instructions are outlined as well! Will definitely buy more.

Heather Humphrey

The quality and attention to detail put into Maple & Lather's products is second to none. Thank you, Maple & Lather, for your superb offering, sustainability efforts, and incredible craftsmanship that you've put into your product.

Matthew Cohn

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