The Maple & Lather Story

For twenty years, my husband travelled the globe as an entrepreneur. After years of returning home with trinkets we loved, but didn't really need, we agreed that he would only bring home consumables. A few trips in, it was decided that the carefully selected luxury soaps were our favourite. As he continued to travel, our home collection of soap began to greatly increase.

As the time passed, we came to enjoy bar soaps over liquid soaps, which we had used regularly in the past. We discovered that bar soaps are better for the environment and use cleaner and fewer ingredients. We also experienced the great variation in quality between bar soaps. The best ones always left our skin soft, refreshed, clean, & healthy. The top one’s lasted long, held their shape, had clean ingredients, and smelled amazing. These early experiences helped shape our strongly held beliefs around quality, sustainability and only using the finest ingredients.

The Maple & Lather Journey

It all began with a simple idea: finding the world’s best soap. The journey began in 2019 and after an extensive global search, we found the perfect partner in a small town called Valensole, in France. The picturesque town is located high above an escarpment and is world-renowned for its sprawling lavender fields. It is from this beautiful town that an impressive industry of self-care products has been created, including the world’s finest triple-milled bar soaps.

A Canadian soap company that curates the world’s finest soaps, was born.

The Mapler & Lather Sustainability Promise

Every part of the Maple & Lather journey has had the additional step of environmental due diligence. This was extremely important to our team in order to ensure we were staying true to our product values and core sustainability beliefs. Weare very proud to say that today, our vegetable oils are sustainably sourced and harvested, our packaging is made from post-consumer recyclable material, and our shipping is optimized to minimize packaging.

Our sustainability promise continues with our line of burning, 100% natural soy wax candles. Responsibly and sustainably made, right here in Canada.

We invite you to join our community, experience the difference, and Lather Up! with us.


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