Candle Burning 101

Our friend and fellow Lather Club member Jenny recently noted her delight at receiving one of our Orange Bergamot candles in the mail.   The pleasure of unboxing the delicately scented natural soy wax parcel was an emotional escape after a busy workday.   When asked if she enjoyed the citrus fragrance and clean burn, she said “Of course!”, but quickly noted that the she’d only lit it for a few minutes before having to head off for a commitment.   A self-proclaimed candle devotee, Jenny’s comment reminded us that many of us could use a little primer on the basics of candle burning.  So, for all of you wondering if there’s a method to enjoying your Maple & Lather vessels, here’s our version of Candle Burning 101:

Rule 1: Always Trim Your Wick

Jenny knew that wick-trimming was an important part of the candle burning protocol, but asked us, “how much?” and “why?”.   As for how much – it should be about ¼” high.  That’s short (about the height of two quarters stacked on top of each other), and is best cut by using a nail clipper as your candle burns lower and lower.  A short wick will ensure a bright and clean flame, and will also prevent any dark burn marks on your glass as you enjoy your candle.

Rule 2: Let the Entire Top Layer Melt

If you want to show your candle true love (and want it to love you back), ensure you have the time to let the entire top layer melt, every time you light it.  Why?  If you don’t, you’ll create a well, where the center will slowly sink lower than the outsides.   Your candle may not burn properly and more importantly, the outside ring that remains unmelted may be wasted, as the wick’s flame won’t reach it as the tunnel deepens.  Tragic, really.

Rule 3: Avoid Wind and Drafts 

There’s nothing more frustrating than a candle set in your garden or yard that refuses to stay lit on a windy evening.   Moving air is the nemesis of all candles, and even a slight draft from a fan can disturb your flame.   Unstable air will affect your flame, and in turn affect your burn and could also cause smoke and staining on your glass.  We don’t want to you feel you need to be in a bubble for a proper burn, but in general, calm air is optimal.

Rule 4:  Use a Great Candle, and Find Your Happy Place

We’re mindful not to push too many rules around this relaxing ritual. These are simply helpful hints for all the Jennys out there. So, choose your candle wisely (our selection is a great start), in busy and sometimes chaotic times, take every opportunity to lather up in a bath, light your favorite candle and sip something sweet.


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