Dry Autumn

Most of us are familiar with the concept of Dry January.  As the holiday season brings many rituals of gathering around wine and cocktails, Dry January is a growing tradition where people kick off the new year with a respite from alcohol.  Because the New Year also brings resolutions and introspection, it’s natural that living cleaner would be a popular way to kick off a new calendar.

Enter the pandemic.  We’re staying home more as our options for exploring the world have decreased.  I’ve heard that these limits on travelling, going to work and eating out have had us consuming alcohol in record amounts the last few months.

The Facts.  Yes, We’re Drinking More!

There have been several studies in the United States and Canada that show dramatic increases alcohol sales, beginning in March when COVID first reared its ugly crown.  Anecdotally, I’ve heard from friends that working from home lets us sleep in a little longer, perhaps easing the justification for an extra glass of wine before bed.   Cabin fever has led to novel drinks like the quarantine, and not having to drive as much removes even more restrictions to enjoy.

How About a Dry Autumn?

With back to school coming, with new beginnings and a new season, we at Maple & Lather’s wellness team are inaugurating Dry Autumn.   Once Labor Day is behind us, we’re putting out a challenge to cut back our summer consumption until the holiday season arrives upon us.   A twist to Dry Autumn though is setting your own rules of engagement.   Maybe you stay dry from drinks during the week, perhaps you eliminate specific days, or maybe you just moderate a little better, Dry Autumn is up to you.  It’s a chance to improve, test your discipline, and be a better you.

The Benefits of a Break

There are many potential and documented benefits of abstinence, including weight loss, better focus, improved sleep and overall wellness, and with the freshness of the Fall, we invite you to start fresh yourself.   Set your own standard, enjoy the journey, and be a better you!


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