The Sustainable Closet

Kelly Pigeon and Laura Bryce are perfect archetypes of thirty-something over-achievers.   By the time they were in their mid-20s, Kelly had moved from Toronto to New York to work for a large multinational personal health company, and Laura was a rising star at national marketing & PR business.   And while they were quickly collecting achievements in their young careers, they we accumulating something else:  a massive assortment of clothes in their closet.  “Both Laura and I had in excess of 400 outfits, for business, evening and casual wear in our closets”, reflects Kelly. “And the trajectory was continuing”.  Putting aside their sheer cost of the so called “pink tax” for being a female professional in 2020, they were contributing to an environmental footprint very hard to ignore.

The amount of landfill created by the clothes we love and then un-love in the cycle of seasonal fashion is staggering.  An estimated 85% of all textiles go to the dump every year.   And with many retailers accommodating to our personal tastes by releasing literally dozens of collections in a calendar year, the culture of buy-wear-dispose has grown dramatically.  McKinsey & Company has reported that clothing production worldwide doubled between 2000 and 2014.


Seizing an opportunity to make a difference and test their entrepreneurial skills, the two ladies started Dresst in Toronto, Canada in early 2019.   Borrowing from the playbook of popular U.S.-based unicorn Rent the Runway, Dresst is a Canada-wide clothing rental business that offers business, casual and evening wear to environmentally and budget conscious women who don’t want to sacrifice variety for volume.

So, the next time you Lather Up!, why don’t you follow that act by getting Dresst? Sustainability never looked so good.  Go get ‘em Laura and Kelly, the Maple & Lather team are big fans!


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