Wash Your Hands! (The Right Way)

We do it about 10 times per day and lately, the number is probably closer to 15…  Some of us, like my 9 my year old daughter, have turned it into religion.  Others need constant reminding.  But have you ever stopped and considered that there is a proper way to actually washing your hands thoroughly? Well, there is, and as you might imagine, we do a lot of it around here.  Today, we’re going to break it down for you step by step, so you can be sure all those germs are good as gone, and that you are staying healthy.

Step 1: Understanding the Science

One of my favorite lessons from elementary school science was the lesson on how soap works. Soap molecules are like double-sided tape. One side sticks to oil, the other to water. The idea is that grime on your hands, will attach to the soap, and then the water will then grab that soap molecule and wash everything away as it runs down into the drain.  Remember, soap doesn’t kill germs.  Rather, it washes them off of you.

Start by wetting your hands with warm water.  This will get the soap off the bar, and help introduce it to your grime. The next step is to apply your favourite soap; we’ve got you covered here! Our soap fulfills its primary purpose of keeping you clean.  But with so much handwashing, our shea butter ensures your skin won’t dry out, and our scents make every cleansing a treat.

Step 2: Lather Up!

Now that you are all lathered up (thanks our extra lathery bars), it’s time to make sure you’re washing your hands thoroughly. Make sure to wash the palms and backs of each of your hands, your nails, as well as in between your fingers.  We recommend around 20 seconds of washing (approximately the amount of time to sing the chorus for the apropos 80s song, Dirty Water)

Step 3: Finish Strong (and Clean)

After your comprehensive clean, you should rinse well and dry your hands well. If you’re in a public setting, make sure to use a paper towel to turn off the tap (and even open the door on your way out of the washroom).  These are crazy times.

Remember – even if your hands appear to be clean or you think they are clean, they may carry pesky germs or micro-organisms. Washing your hands not only prevents you from getting sick, but also reduces the possibility of getting others sick. Another pro tip (easier said than done) is to avoid touching your face throughout the day – this is something we all do subconsciously so being aware of it can help you avoid doing it!

The last 6 months have brought on times of uncertainty and of many changes. At Maple & Lather, we recognize this and acknowledge that taking the proper precautions not only helps to keep us healthy, but also boosts our spirits and morale! Let’s stay clean and healthy out there and don’t forget to Lather Up!


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